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This blog is only for people who want to find inspiration, motivation, suggestions about useful and important things to read, watch and visit.

Writing is my passion and I want to use it to share knowledge and experience, spread good vibes, useful stories.

The goal of this blog is to give you food for thought. To offer you a new perspective and point of view about certain topics, to inspire and motivate you to do something good for yourself.

If I succeed in that, please let me know, it will make my day. If not, feel free to give me feedback, I would like to hear suggestions and learn how to provide you with more useful content. (email to: info@anabrzakovic.com)

I believe that you attract what you think, talk, write about so there is no room for negativity here.

What is here for you?

I read a lot and I like to share recommendations about which books, blogs, portals to read, videos to watch or podcasts to listen.

Travel is my other big passion. It broadens our views, changes perspective and teaches us so much about life. I write about some of my travel experiences and share my perspective about different cities and countries.

Attending different events, learning and networking is something I do a lot. I believe that “your network is your net worth” (I don’t know who said this, but it is a very smart and true sentence). I enjoy sharing experiences from events I attend, talks I listen to because I hope you will find them interesting and useful too.

Who am I?

Marketing and communications professional, blogger, runner. I studied journalism, lived in the USA for two years, traveled most of Europe and I’m looking forward to visiting the rest of the planet. You can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Everything written here represents only my own, personal opinion, NOT the opinion of the company I work for.

You can share entire or parts of the posts from this blog only if you cite the source and link it to the page.

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