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Ana Brzaković

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I’m a marketing and communications strategist, owner of Digital Way marketing agency, author of a newsletter in Serbian – Analogicne price (Ana’s logical stories), business coach, and author of the “BIZBalans” podcast.

In addition to marketing and communications, I do business coaching, and constantly learn about psychology and personal development. That’s what I write about most of the time.

I was building my career and gaining experience in large Serbian and international companies (Delta Holding, US Council for International Education, Data-driven Marketing) until I decided to found my own company.

I occasionally find myself as a speaker or moderator at various conferences and events.

Since I believe in lifelong learning, I continued my education after completing a degree in journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis. During my studies I was a member of the student-run organization AIESEC.

I’ve spent 2 years in the United States thanks to two full exchange program scholarships. I finished my sophomore year of high school in Colorado and my last year of college at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

On average, I read one book a week. I run, hike, exercise, and love nature & sports, good company, and great wine.

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