I believe
you can do it all.

But not all at once.

Ana Brzakovic Potpis

What can I do for you?

I’ve been in marketing and communications for over 10 years — formerly the Communications director of a big corporation and now founder and director of digital marketing agency Digital Way, business coach, author of newsletter in Serbian – Analogične priče and creator of the “BIZBalans” podcast.

I lived and studied in the United States for two years, worked for large domestic and global companies, and have been an entrepreneur for the last few years.

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Let’s collaborate

The knowledge multiplies when shared. Let’s work & grow together 🙂

Marketing and communications.

If you’re in need of a marketing and communication strategy and an experienced team that’ll be by your side the whole time, can execute the plan and bring results, check out my agency’s website.

Individual coaching sessions.

Do you want to grow into a person who can achieve anything they want? Do you want to reach your goals faster and easier and find out your unconscious beliefs that are slowing you down? 

Interactive lectures and education.

Do you want me to share knowledge, experience, and interesting and inspiring stories at an event you’re organizing? Or deliver a lecture or training to colleagues in your company?

Read and enjoy

Latest blog posts

Writing is a passion of mine that I am using to share knowledge and experience, positive emotions, and valuable stories.

This blog’s mission is to provide food for thoughts: to offer you a different perspective and motivate you to do something good for yourself. 

You attract what you radiate.



I believe we should be well to do our job well. We need to redefine how we approach business and stop using patterns and rules from the last century.

The goal of this podcast is to motivate, inspire and educate about a way of working that does not lead to burnout, but to healthy productivity and a fulfilling, balanced life.

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