Knowledge is power

Knowledge multiplies when shared.

I am always happy to share my knowledge and experience with others. I believe that each of us has a story to tell that can have an impact on someone else.


Whether it’s the length of a 20 minute TED talk or a full-day workshop, what’s most important are the messages and conclusions that people take with them, the motivation they feel and the changes that follow.

I adapt each lecture to the group I am addressing so that no two sessions are completely identical.

Marketing and communications:

Communication skills

We think that if we have the ability to speak, it means that we know how to communicate. The biggest problems, both business and personal, happen because of misunderstandings, assumptions and generally unclear communication and our unconscious filters for interpreting conversations.

How to create newsletters that people love to read

  • The part of email marketing that deals with nurturing clients and leads deserves special attention. How to bring your people together and nurture a community from which different business opportunities can be born…

Personal brand

Whether we do it intentionally or not, we build a personal brand through our own appearance, social media posts, behavior. What do we want to be known for? It is better to approach it consciously and in a structured way…

Life topics:

How are you at work?

Feeling good and having a healthy work environment are prerequisites for a job well done. Preventing burnout and working in a different, sustainable way is something we need to talk about more. In addition to talking, we should set specific steps on how to work sustainably, get results while having a blast 🙂

A step into the unknown

Several times in life, at different ages, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Where we were and what we were doing no longer suits us, and venturing into the unknown causes fear and insecurity. How to overcome those periods, stay motivated and move to the next level of the game called life?

What is more important than a CV while job hunting

This topic is usually interesting to students and those who have yet to start building a career. Substance is more important than form, and there are two crucial prerequisites – which, among other things, I talk about in this lecture.

Do you want to organize an interactive lecture on one of these or a similar topic?

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