Individual coaching

You can get far on your own.
But together, we can go much further.


All problems come from within, but so do all solutions.

We just can't hear them because of the excessive noise we are surrounded by and the speed at which we live.

Individual coaching is for you if:

  • You feel stuck and you don’t know what’s holding you back
  • You feel confused and can’t clearly see where you’re headed
  • You procrastinate and put things off, without knowing why or how to get started
  • It is difficult for you to independently structure and prioritize the work and obligations you are overwhelmed with
  • You feel anxious and can’t clearly define the problem or know how to approach it
  • You feel tired and overwhelmed with thoughts, possibilities, fears


I believe you can do it all. Just not all at once.

I’m here to help.
It’ll be easier together.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a structured conversation that, through open-ended questions, helps you:

  • Silence the noise around you and hear yourself more clearly
  • Gain new insights and perspectives so you can see things from a different angle
  • Discover what your unconscious blockers and beliefs that don’t benefit you are
  • Look at different possibilities and alternatives
  • Determine your criteria and priorities
  • Create your own way of reaching your desired destination
  • Determine the first steps on your path and start walking

Want to find a way to reach your goals?

Cocaching sessions

Want to get to your destination easier?

In order to achieve results, we need (besides initial willpower) two things: continuity and commitment.

For this reason, I usually suggest a package of minimum 5 coaching sessions that should be completed in a maximum of 2 months.

The system is as follows:

What do my clients say?

Ana Brzakovic Potpis
About Me

What can I do for you?

I’ve been in marketing and communications for over 10 years — formerly the Communications director of a big corporation and now founder and director of digital marketing agency Digital Way, business coach, author of newsletter in Serbian – Analogične priče and creator of the “Biz Balans” podcast.

I lived and studied in the United States for two years, worked for large domestic and global companies, and have been an entrepreneur for the last few years.

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There are many different coaches on the market, so it is very important that you carefully choose the right one for you.

I explain how to choose whom to trust and start (or continue) your personal development with in this blog post.

I wrote about how to distinguish coaching from mentoring, psychotherapy, or ordinary conversation in this blog post.

Read and find out what you need and who you should work with.

With me, you can work on your business topics and dilemmas.

Business is life, so these topics are often intertwined with everyday life, but the main issues I can help you with are business related

For example setting boundaries and goals, clear communication, self-confidence, career dilemmas, setting priorities, feeling guilty, preventing burnout…

We don’t have to. We have coaching sessions based on your needs. It is recommended that we have one session every 7-10 days in order to have continuity, but everything is flexible and subject to change based on your needs.

All the solutions are already within you. You just need to hear them, become aware of them, and make a decision.

If you choose the right coach for yourself, you really want to solve the problem and topic you came up with, you continuously work on it and take action – the result is inevitable.

If the conversation itself is not useful for you and you realize that you don’t really have any insight or you don’t want to take action – you can always stop the coaching.

We end each session by summarizing your insights and having a clear plan and activities of what you need to do until the next session in order to be one step closer to where you want to be.

Sometimes you have very clear steps, and sometimes you have insights that you need to think more about and then come to conclusions and decisions.

The most important thing is that we move at your pace and that after each session you leave with new conclusions and insights based on which you can act. Because only action takes you further.

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