Why I want to attend Spark.me 2019?

Last year I attended two conferences which I am planning on going to again this year. I know there are so many other events to attend and places to visit, however, some are worth returning to. As someone who strongly values personal development, lifelong learning and networking with inspiring people, every year I search for the best opportunities to learn, develop and surround myself with amazing people. During three days at Spark.me, I was able to do all of that.

I also love sharing what was useful for me so that it might help others, which is what I did after last year’s conference. The post is in Serbian and is published here, but I can summarize in short why Spark was so memorable and why it is worth returning to.

First, let’s state the obvious – it is happening at the seaside. Montenegro has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches, the weather in May is usually perfect – not too hot but warm enough to enjoy the sun, swim in the sea and even get some tan. We should not forget parties, which are great! Anyway, the venue is the least important compared to everything else.

The organizational team – people who are wearing their passion and who are organizing everything from their heart. The energy, the atmosphere, the small details they will pay attention to is what makes this conference special. They are committed to organizing a casual event where everyone will feel welcome and included.

They always choose speakers who are willing to stay after their speech and hang out with the audience. This is the most important and useful part. Everyone is so approachable, and everyone is there all three days. I attended so many events where “star speakers” would show up (from the backstage), deliver the talk and disappear very fast. Here, it is normal to have a lunch or coffee with some of the speakers, go to the beach with them or go clubbing. They come and stay the entire conference, not just for their gig and leave faster than it took them to get there.

Other than speakers, there are many inspiring people in the audience as well because those who decide to attend this conference are like me and you – they are thirsty for knowledge and inspiration and are often very inspiring themselves. I am still friends with some people I met there last year, and our messenger group is very active all year long

My highlights from the previous Spark.me:

Dave Birss – his workshop and speech about creativity and how to get new ideas:

Mark Schaefer and his talk about future of marketing and importance of emotions:

Mike Massimino, NASA astronaut and his speech about his two missions into space – he has spent 24 days there and you can listen to this very interesting experience and lessons:

I didn’t know much about the speakers before I came to the conference last year. I decided to go there because friends recommended it. This year I will be a nerd so I am constantly following and checking the page http://spark.me/speakers/ in order to get to know them before meeting them. Just for the record, I would still want to attend this event even if they didn’t publish any speaker’s name.

End of May can’t come soon enough. I hope to see you there!

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