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The most important lessons from the last year

When I started writing the lessons from the last year – because I want to have a retrospective in one place, and maybe it will be useful for you who are reading this, I realized that all the lessons are related to personal development – personal and business.

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Remarkable 2 – All agendas and notebooks in one device

In this text, I write my experience and comments regarding this device. It is a device that looks like a tablet, only thinner, has no lighting, does not harm the eyes and is used only for writing. You write on it like it is a regular paper, the feeling is exactly the same (you can hold your hand on it and the screen doesn’t activate every time you touch it, but only on the pen), and it offers many more possibilities than a regular paper.

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Ja sam strateg za marketing i komunikacije, vlasnica agencije Digital Way, autorka Analogičnih priča (ako želiš da ih čitaš prijavi se ovde.), biznis kouč, ko-autorka podcasta Kako si na poslu.

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